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Enjoy Prepaid is a prepaid phone card company that offers discount calling rates to countries around the globe.  Enjoy is one of the most popular calling card companies in the US offering not just great deals for individuals but also to corporate customers.  Enjoy prepaid is a brand of the Nobel Company that was founded in 1998. Call centers and operations are not based in the US rather they are based in Hamilton Bermuda. Calls can be made from various platform such as VoIP software that can be downloaded from their website also calling through a 1800 based number for people on the move.

Some of the current call rates *make sure you check the companies website because there is HEAPS of fine print and conditions.

Afghanistan    13¢
Argentina    2¢
Australia    2¢
Brazil        2¢
Bulgaria    2¢
Canada        1¢
China        2¢
Colombia    3¢
France        1¢
Germany        1¢
Greece        1¢
Hong Kong    2¢
India        2¢
Iran        3¢
Iraq        5¢
Israel        1¢
Italy        1¢

Japan        3¢
Korea South    1¢
Mexico        3¢
Nigeria        7¢
Pakistan    8¢
Peru        2¢
Philippines    9¢
Poland        1¢
Romania        2¢
Russia        2¢
South Africa    3¢
Spain        1¢
Thailand    2¢
United States    1¢
Ukraine        9¢
United Kingdom    1¢

For more information visit: enjoyprepaid.com

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