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Tracfone founded in 1996 is a budget provider in the United States offering low rates on cell phone connections from a variety of disposable handsets that the company offers.

TracFone service is limited to TracFone’s own set of proprietary handsets that have been software programmed to on be used on Tracfone. The service doesn’t cell any sim cards to be used in unlocked handsets.

Tracfone minutes (known as "units") are purchased in blocks that vary in price with the quantity of minutes being purchased, and coupons may be applied to extend the service value at the time of recharging.

Text messages and mobile web access are measured in fractions of units: sending or receiving a text message deducts 0.3 units from the user's account (some TracFone models, like the Motorola EX124G, deduct 0.5 units from the user's account to send or receive a text message, which also existed on older phones); each minute of mobile Web access deducts 0.5 units, rounded up to the next whole minute. Though earlier TracFone models charged double (2.0 units per minute) for roaming outside the user's home phone area, the current phones all offer the "single rate" plan, which charges the same 1.0 unit-per-minute rate regardless of location.

Tracfones have expiration dates; purchasing more airtime typically adds 90 days of service, with a 365-day extension package available.

Tracfone has always been about the cheapest minutes and the cheapest phone, in fact, many of the phones are under $15 and there are even a few that are under the $10 mark. Admittedly, these phones are very cheap and plastic, but you’re not going to get anything from other providers for this small amount of money.
A New Tracfone came out recently called the LG840G it looks to be a pretty cool phone for the price of $59 check out a review of it here: LG840G Review

Net10 probably has the cheapest phones on the market only second to Tracfone. In fact, they share a lot of the models that are out currently apart from the fact they have a few Android phones that will never be released on Tracfone. Net10 had always just sold minutes but late last year the company introduced the $50 unlimited plan which was well received by Net10 fans. The new Android phones that came out are the LG Optimus Q and the LG Optimus Black. These new Android phones use the Sprint network.

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