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Verizon one of the most famous cell phone networks in the US has without a doubt the most extensive coverage than any other network currently in existence.

So when you heard that there is Verizon Prepaid there is bound to be a few people out there that will get excited. Back in 1983 Verizon’s roots start when AT&T Bell was split in to 7 small companies.

Verizon was one of the companies to come from this split. After Verizon acquired independent company GTE the name Verizon was first used.

During those years up to now Verizon has grow to a very large company acquiring many small companies along the way.

Verizon prepaid plans are some of the most expensive plans that are on the market at the moment, which is hard for people that want to save money. Many of the other prepaid companies that are on the market now use parts of the Verizon net work but at a lot better value.

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